IDOBAO Wireless Keyboard is Right For You!

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IDOBAO: Think about how amazing it would be if you can throw away all the wires on your desktop and have a mess free desktop. Your productivity could go through the roof!

You have considerably more flexibility to move around with a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse then being stuck behind your desktop. Today, you can sit back in your couch and do some serious gaming or flick through your favorite selection of movies. The Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse has a twenty eight feet range!

The keyboards are built and designed for supreme comfort. They have a very low profile quiet touch-keys. Most of this selection has a palm rest and adjustable feet to suit your requirements. The Microsoft comfort curve design on it’s wireless keyboards encourages a natural wrist position and makes it very easy to use.

Amazon is an fantastic store to purchase online. It is just so easy now to compare prices on the web. With it’s massive buying power, Amazon can to sell you wireless keyboard and mouse at comical prices, also you have the choice of buying new or refurbished keyboards.

If you’re still uncertain about which Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse to grab, have a look at the genuine customer reviews, you can come to a decision that suits you best. It’s unbelievable help in the buying process as the reviews not only give positive, but also the negatives as well. Can’t be anymore honest then that!

Which Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse is correct for you?

Microsoft’s wireless entertainment desktop 8000 is the company’s first rechargeable backlit keyboard and mouse combination. Connection is make straight out the packaging. The wireless keyboard has 4 USB ports so that you can upload photos from your camera or plug in your thumb drives. The Microsoft wireless 8000 keyboard has a very distinctive curved design that offers a more natural feel when you’re working. The touch keys are superbly responsive and mouse quiet. It also has many programmable buttons for quick and elementary access to what ever you’re working on.

The mouse that you get with the combination has an original brushed aluminum look that looks simply opulent. It has a 4 direction scrolling technology that offers both convenience and accuracy while doing your work or play. It is surprisingly smooth and can used on most surfaces. Microsoft’s wireless laser 6000 has a translucent polished racetrack border bringing magnificence to your work top. Although the batteries cannot be rechargeable, the wireless keyboard + mouse does have extended battery life, up to 5 months life. It works with both PC and Macs

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