Molitva svetog Josipa

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Today’s topic is about what has been described as folklore, where others know it to be historical truth. Molitva svetog Josipa, the earthly father of Jesus Christ, is the patron saint of handcraft and home protection, and considered the “home selling agent.” Burying a Saint Joseph statue is believed to bring about the perfect buyer and facilitate the sale of a home. I have encouraged homeowners to bury a Saint Joseph statue upside down somewhere on their property if they want to sell quickly.

The history behind this tradition to bury a statue of Saint Joseph dates back to 1515 A.D. It began in Europe with the nuns at a Closter needed to expand their land, and as a prayer to St. Joseph they buried medals of him in the ground. After a short time they found out that their prayers had been heard and they got more land. This story has lived on until today but the tradition has changed from burying medals to burying statues.

St. Joseph was the husband to Virgin Mary. We don’t know a lot about Joseph, except that he was a skilled craftsman and a good father. He became a Saint for workers and it is very common to pray to him to get help with house sales and many other things. The reason he had been made a Patron Saint is that he taught Jesus the craftsman’s trade and made sure that Jesus always was well housed. That is the reason why he always helps people to find a house they are specifically looking for and helps the people who need to sell their homes.

It doesn’t matter if you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or of any other religious denomination. If you pray to Saint Joseph, he will help you find the right house to purchase, or help get your house sold. Over two million people today are doing this for a better sale.

I have buried Saint Joseph at my own properties in the past. And, I have had unbelievable success. You can read more about St. Joseph in the book, St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent, by Stephen J. Binz. There is belief that faith in the home selling saint has proven to be a savior for many people. Whether you are a believer or not, the mere thought of a statue helping to cause the property to sell is very profound

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