Reciprocal Teaching is one of best choice for students

Personal Skill Development

Interactive learning at Reciprocal Teaching is a continuous to and fro of ideas. You, as a student, are actively participating in the learning process and are not allowed to passively take whatever comes.

Your task is to actively seek out the knowledge you need. Interactive learning at reciprocal gives you practice in listening to others and expressing yourself to your peers. Interactive learning at reciprocal encourages inquiry as part of the process of learning and creating. You ask questions, search for answers and arrive at conclusions. It is leading to the construction of a new idea, new interpretation, or a new product. It allows you to express your voice and your choice. You learn to work independently and take responsibility when you are asked to make choices. It includes processes for revision and reflection. You learn to give and receive feedback in order to improve the quality of your creations.

Reciprocal Learning at Two-to-One:

Reciprocal learning at Two-to-One is broadening of the role of the teacher to include all the other students and yourself. It consists of conscious passing on of your knowledge and understanding to your class companion conscious learning from their suggestions. It is a break-down of traditional roles, creating a multi-input environment. Reciprocal teaching at Two-to-One makes a space for non-egocentric thinking, role changing, consideration and appreciation. Project-Based Learning at Two-to-One is very much in trend nowadays. Project-base learning at Two-to-One is organize around an open-end question that acts as the driving force throughout the project. This focuses your efforts and deepens your understanding. It requires critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and various forms of communication. To create high-quality work, you need to do much more than remember information. You need to read a variety of material and make written and oral presentations in differing modes of communication.

Project based learning:

Project-based learning at reciprocal requires inquiry as part of the process of learning and creating. You ask questions search for answers and arrive at conclusions, going on to construct new idea, new interpretation or product. It creates a need to know essential content and skills. Project-base learning at reciprocal teaching reverses the order in which information and concepts are traditionally present. Typically, a project begins by presenting you with knowledge and concepts and then it gives you opportunity to apply them. Project-based learning at Two-to-One begins with a vision of an end product such as a presentation. This creates a context and reason to learn and understand the information and concepts also it includes processes for revision and reflection. You practice giving and receiving feedback in order to improve the quality of the products you create and you are ask to think about what and how you are learning.

These skills, competencies and habits of mind acquired at Two-to-One are part of the skill set you will need for success in the workplace in this 2nd decade of the 21st century. You need to understand it properly and get knowledge about it.

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