Testosterone Boosting Is Vastly Safer Than Injectable Steroids


If you were a doctor and you got a kick-back commission for prescribing brand-name steroids to client. Who have low testosterone levels and the many health problems that flow from low testosterone. Why would you recommend a natural diet supplement to boost the necessary testosterone levels when you get no commissions from the over the counter? The diet supplements are vastly cheaper. And they work with nature and the balance of the body causing the testicles to do all the work. They should be doing of producing higher levels of the androgenic hormones needed for a healthy lifestyle. Whereas the Injectable Steroids close down the hormone production of the testicles. And in fact will shrink the testicles from lack of use as well as giving rise to increased occurrences of prostate cancer. Because the peak levels of steroids immediately following the injections turns small cancers into more aggressive problems.

It is the kick-back commission structure within the medical industry. That clouds the ethics of the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and doctors involved. There is of course no transparency whatsoever. As no patient is ever told by the doctor that he/she is getting commissions for the drugs being prescribed. In fact most patients have no idea that they will be compelled to stay on this regime of injections for the rest of their life.

The pharmaceutical companies have massive political muscle when it comes to their lobbyists. And so there is little or no chance of any change to the system and transparency is highly unlikely to even occur. The onus is on you the patient to make your own inquiries of the alternative. To prescribed steroid injections when seeking to deal with your low testosterone levels. My recommendation to you is to consider over the counter testosterone boosting diet supplements. Which are much safer and that work with your body-balance, not against it.

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