A Course In Miracles – Must Read Before You Buy Tinnitus Miracle!

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Hello guys! Could not stop myself from writing a review on “something” that has helped me relieve myself of a very traumatic and irritating problem, one that lot of people nowadays face – Tinnitus!

This “something” is a book- “A Course In Miracles“, but not just a run-of-the-mill one. But a process, a phenomenon that has changed the way I handled tinnitus. The most inviting thing about this book is that it has been authored by a person who himself has gone through the traumas and related discomforts of this situation called “Tinnitus”. A disease can be best described only by a person who has suffered it and that exactly is the most credible point for this book.

To start with, ever since I was a child, I was very fond of booming music. And as you would agree, what good is booming music if it is not heard at high decibels. Little did I know that this fascination for the high decibels would one day cause one of the most vital organs to forsake on me! Just as I was out of my teens, I started having this irritating hum in my left ear, which eventually spread out to the right ear too. Intermittent in the earlier days, but later on it just did not stop! Life was not the same thereafter, had to stress myself to listen to something, had an echo of whatever I spoke back in my ears and so on…

Doctors said I would have to undergo surgery to correct the problem with my ears. But, somehow I was not that inclined on going under the knife!!! That is when one of my distant relatives suggested this book that had supposedly cured many people like me and they were now leading normal lives. That was music to my ears! I had nothing to lose, did I?

I bought the “Tinnitus Miracle” and I followed the instructions. In just under 2 weeks I could feel the difference. The hum has now disappeared completely. The best part was that there is no surgery and no drugs involved. This book has saved my life and I owe a lot to it for giving me a new life. It was simple to follow the instructions. I am now more confident than ever before.

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