A Course In Miracles: What Do You Have To Lose?

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A Course In Miracles: There is a perverse notion in modern society that suggests you “should not get your hopes up”, lest you be let down. What a sorry way to live!

I suggest that you should not only get your hopes up, but you should keep them up beyond reason and go through life expecting absolute miracles to happen for you on a daily basis. How might your life change for the better if you decided to demand the most amazing outcomes from every endeavor?

The fact is, you have nothing substantial to lose by engaging this practice. Let’s for a moment (and only for a moment!) go along with the idea that you’ll be let down if your hopes are high and the results don’t live up.

So what? What’s the big deal even if this were to happen?

Are you really so fragile and weak that you can’t withstand a little disappointment? Honestly even if your high hopes are dashed routinely you’ll benefit by developing a “tougher chin” and a reliable ability to absorb a little defeat with minimal loss of stride.

But the truth is if you were to expect amazing outcomes to every effort from here forward you would not be met with disappointment every time. Even if we pretend positive thinking and the law of attraction have no impact, the mathematical odds of losing every time are minimal.

And since we both know there is real power in positive thinking we understand that your new attitude would produce a winning outcome more and more often. Also since we both understand that law of attraction is every bit as real as gravity, it’s clear that expecting miracles as the norm would shift you into a reality where your wildest dreams become your daily experience.

Because humans are predisposed to negative thinking, rarely do we consider the idea of expecting miracles as daily practice. We tend to reserve this level of thought vibration for big goals and major accomplishments.

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