An Honest Review of Aloe – A Course In Miracles


When I first discovered Yulia Berry’s site, Aloe – A Course In Miracles, I must admit that I was more than a little skeptical about all the claims that were being made about the Aloe Vera plant. I have always known that this little plant was handy to have around in case you burned yourself, but I had no idea that some medical professionals claim that it is “almost a panacea” and can be used to help cure everything from acne to whooping cough.

What initially led me to the Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor site was my relentless search for hypoallergenic skin cures. I am one of those types with hypersensitive skin. If I use anything but hypoallergenic laundry detergent, soap, and even deodorant I break out in a severe rash that will leave me miserable and scratching for days. I did notice that when I used products that contained Aloe (which there are many of), I was less likely to break out, so I did a little Googling about the subject to find out more.

Yulia Berry’s site intrigued me with its claims about the little ubiquitous plant. As I said before, I always knew that Aloe was great for burns and scrapes, but I knew nothing about the healing properties of the inner gel when it came things like irritable bowel syndrome and canker sores. I did not even know that you could ingest the plant.

How can a plant, that is readily available and found in over half of the homes of the United States, be the answer to everyone’s health problems?

Reading about all the claims on what this little plant could do just blew my mind. I could not believe it at first. If this little so-called miracle plant is the greatest medical discovery since penicillin, why was I only hearing about it now? Still, the claims the author made about the Aloe plant intrigued me and I wanted to learn more about it.

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