Degree vs. Skill. What Is More Important For A Successful Career?

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The most common debate that often confuses millennial is what is more important for a successful career? Degree or Skills? Is it worth spending all the money and precious years attaining your degree or it’s merely just a piece of paper with no significance?


Does Degree Guarantee Job? Well Not Necessarily! 1

Degrees Train Minds For? Entrepreneurship or Job Slavery?. 1

Beware! Millennial Education System Is A Big Scam! 1

Why Students Run After Degrees That Doesn’t Have Any Significance?. 2

Is Our Future “Grey” without Degree?. 2

What Is Skill Training?. 2

Why is skill Training Important?. 3

The Ideal Education System-Encouraging Growth Mindset! 3


Does Degree Guarantee Job? Well Not Necessarily!

Thousands of students graduate every year but not all of them get employed. With increasing number of graduates, the rate of unemployment is also rising. This is because the everyday advancement in technology demand immense soft skills.

Moreover every recruiter look for prior experience. You have to apply for internships, work for low wages or even for free sometimes to gain experience. Even after spending thousands of dollars, there is no guarantee that you will get a good job.

Degrees Train Minds For? Entrepreneurship or Job Slavery?

The education system worldwide train minds for job slavery rather than entrepreneurship. Instead of identifying the unique potentials of every individual, we are trained to follow the same tract!

From kindergarten, to university level, we are taught how to walk and talk in any situation. Thus instead of recognizing and polishing our “exceptional skills”, each one of us follow the same pattern of getting four years of undergraduation and a degreewhich makes us easily REPLACEABLE!

Beware! Millennial Education System Is A Big Scam!

Education system nowadays is no more than another business industry.There are dozens of graduation and post-graduation universities ravening thousands of dollars from every student.

Degrees, certification and diplomas are various ways of earnings money in exchange of a mere piece of paper. Moreover the teaching system with its decreasing standards has only increased the mental stress of students.

The grading system consist of weekly assignments, quizzes and exams. Sometimes they feel that their life is all about submitting homework and studying for the exams. Moreover the lectures are unclear and absurd leaving students to seek Professional essay writing service UK for their coursework.

Thus students indulge themselves in an extreme debt not only for the degree but also these extra services to write their assignments, thesis and coursework that does not even guarantee the prompt recovery of it.

Why Students Run After Degrees That Doesn’t Have Any Significance?

Degreeinstead of being an asset, degree is becoming a liability. Despite of the fact that the unemployment rate is growing tremendously with the rising number of graduates, students still spend the precious years of their life in obtaining higher education because:

  • They have been told from the beginning that it is a key to successful life.
  • They fear that without degree they will become “disabled”.
  • Degree gives a sense of security to them.
  • They feel that there is no future without a degree.
  • It gives them a status in society.
  • They feel that degree is their ticket to financial freedom.

Is Our Future “Grey”without Degree?

The question is, “What will be our future like if we don’t have a degree?” or “Is there any chance of being successful even without a degree?”

The answer is YES!!! There is a long list of successful entrepreneurs who accomplished great fortune without a degree like:

Ø  Jeff Bezos – Founder and CEO of Amazon. (worth $131 Billion)

Ø  Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft Corporation (worth $106.3 billion)

Ø  Mark Zuckerberg – Founder of Facebook (worth $71.8 billion)

Ø  Michael Dell – Founder of Dell Computers (worth $20 billion)

Ø  David Geffen – Owner of Rising Sun (worth $8.5 billion)

Ø  Jk Rowling – Author of Harry Potter (worth $1 billion)

Ø  Dave Thomas – Founder of Wendy’s (worth $3 million)


So what should we do? Quit education? Well not necessarily. What we need to acquire is education with skill training!

What Is Skill Training?

Just like 2 individuals have different fingerprints, 2 professional doesn’t have same skills.

For example, if two employees having same degree will not perfume equally. They will have different competencies, analytical and problem solving skills.

That’s where skill training comes from. To make people different from one another. To identify their interests and transform them into professional skills!

Why is skill Training Important?

Various statistics show that skill training is more important compared to the college education. With the advent of various software and new technology, the demand for job types is becoming dynamic. That is the students studying in grade 1 would have jobs in future that don’t even exist yet!

That is how skills surpass degree in various ways including:

  • They help 2 people differentiate from each other.
  • They make job interesting and fun.
  • They assure a bright career and hence future.
  • They promote entrepreneurship.
  • They avoid making individuals “easily replaceable”.
  • They give self-confidence and assurance to people.
  • They develop a growth mindset.

The Ideal Education System-Encouraging Growth Mindset!

The ideal education system is the one that encourages Growth Mindset. Even if there is no way you can find such academic structure, there is a way you can make your own successful career by:

  • Get basic education.
  • Identify your interests and key skills.
  • Work on your skills.
  • Take freelancing projects.
  • Instead of getting one, provide services to those who ask, “Write my Essay UK”.
  • Match your skills to those of the job requirements.
  • Focus on continuous learning rather than getting a degree and settling there.

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