Establish Connection with your internal teacher to learn How to Hear the Holy Spirit

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If you want to learn How to Hear the Holy Spirit then you must have to establish connection your inner. Now that you’ve tuned in, it’s time to establish a lasting connection with your Internal Teacher. As David Hoffmeister ACIM, referred to the Holy Spirit. How? Notice what comes to you. What ideas enter your mind? Ideas will probably not be logical, linear thoughts. For me, establishing connection has a lot to do with body language. Throughout the day, I often find that lengthening up my spine creates space between my vertebrae. It invites my head to align over my shoulders and results in the crown of my head tingling. This tingling is a receptive feeling which naturally leads to connection with the Holy Spirit. Tingling is my kinesthetic equivalent to what other people call, “seeing energy.” I feel energy.

What you learn from ACIM?

ACIM doesn’t talk about energy. But it does speak of an “individualized curriculum” where each student has their own unique process of awakening. The process simply reminds us that there is more than meets the eye, and returns us to our “spiritual eye”. So to speak. In Chapter 2 we’re told, “Spiritual vision can literally not see error, and merely looks for Atonement. It is the undoing of error, the Holy Spirit’s Correction to the ego’s mistake. For me, feeling energy is clearly undoing my identification with the seeming solidity of flesh and blood as my identity.

Open to Guidance:

Now that your connection is established, open to Guidance. If “connection” could be visualized as holding hands with Spirit, then Guidance is receiving direction. Let your Internal Teacher lead you by the hand. Again, for me, at times this has been physical. Doing the Sufi turn, like the whirling dervishes do, has unwound me many times. But if this seems too esoteric, remember as little kids most of us spun around recklessly until, giggling and dizzy How to Hear the Holy Spirit. We collapsed on the ground. Don’t rule out anything as a spiritual practice. I’ve also often had the experience of speaking or writing something that was beyond me. The minute the words came out, it was clear they contained wisdom that was beyond the little me called Amy.

Stop & Listen:

                         Even though God is an unstoppable force, we have to stop blocking Him before He can flow through us. In order for the Holy Spirit to lead the way, we need to stop. Stop “doing,” stop talking, stop directing, stop tensing, stop clenching and bunting and resisting-for just one moment. A moment is all it takes for Timelessness to replace time (in other words, to allow the holy instant to arise. Most people have trouble with this until they get the hang of it. It is a fear/control issue. One way to sidestep the fear is to gaze out into the distance and “trance.” This is also something we all did as children. Let your eyes de-focus. Allow the world to grow blurry and recede… there is Something Else in your mind… let it appear. Now listen. Open your mind and receive what is already yours.

Receive the Love, Peace and Joy that is always within you. Just for a moment, release control by suspending all judgment. The ongoing state of being which you already are will arise naturally.

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