Greatest Universities of the world

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It’s not a funny trivia questions, not even about the money; it is all about getting a quality education. When it’s come to graduation and earning your degree, you might want to study in one of the best universities in the world.

The best university is significant for your future growth and career, choosing the best university would be difficult, but this article will solve the dilemma, and featuring some of the best universities in the world.

University of Cambridge UK

The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest and best universities in the world, featuring itself by outstanding performances and become the hallmark of academic excellence.

So far, received many awards and commendations for world well-renowned educational institutions, i.e., Quality Assurance Agency for the higher education.

The university offers the best courses in the world; let the students learn with the latest technology and best teaching approaches.

It is also famous for the oldest building, a Plethora of museums and very affordable fees and best packages available for the students around the world.

Harvard University US

Harvard University is not only famous for providing the best law courses and program, but it has many departments in the university with excellent faculty, students can earn their degree in almost all department.

The Harvard University is one the oldest universities in the United State, it is also the university of many wells know personality such as John Adams, Al Gore, Theodore Roosevelt.

The university aims to push its all students to set the motion, learn latest educations, accept all challenging, and introduce new technology for the prosperity of the community.

Same as the University of Cambridge, the Harvard also has the best museums and libraries, such as Museum of the Natural History.

The university is notorious for many reputable degrees, such as medicine and law courses.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), US

When it’s come to learn the best science and technology education in the world, MIT always comes first on the list. MIT is notorious for providing the world’s best science and technology educations to students from around the world.

For decades, MIT dedicated itself to the development of science and technology through well-researched lectures and researches. MIT campus has 34 different departments along with five schools.

It is well-known for providing quality engineering and computer science programs, best laboratories for researches.

You must go through rigorous selections tests to accept in the university.

McGill University of Canada

McGill is the one the oldest and best university in Canada, well-known for its incredible medical programs around the world.

It has outstanding contributions in medical studies, and helping community in the country. McGill also has a hospital and provide a variety of different medical science courses such as emergency medicine, occupational health, anatomy, diagnostic radiology, human genetics, cell biology, and biochemistry, etc.

Some of its institutes also provide Bone and Periodontal research and Biomedical Ethics. It has very affordable fees with outstanding engineering and medical science departments.

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