How To Attain Accurate Pronunciation

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Nowadays it’s necessary for every modern person to know at least one foreign language, as it can help to find a high-paid job, improve social status and get acquainted with people from other countries. However when someone teaches a foreign language often very little attention is pay to learning pronunciation. Indeed, it’s very strange that this very important language skill is usually set aside as secondary important and when it comes to pronunciation we often have at best only basic oral skills and slight knowledge of phonetics.

However it is very important to place high emphasis on phonetics and pronunciation when learning a foreign language. Native speakers won’t understand you, if your pronounce of words incorrect or word order is wrong. That’s why one should have a great concern in using pronounce guide, doing pronunciation exercises, learning pronunciation rules, consulting pronounce dictionaries. Before starting any course in phonetics or downloading any pronunciation software it is useful to have some prior knowledge of phonetics and pronunciation teaching.

In the most general sense Phonetics may defined as the study of sounds and the human voice. Phonetics has three main branches: articulatory phonetics, acoustic phonetics, and auditory phonetics. But for those who want to learn to speak a foreign language it is articulatory phonetics that is of primary importance.

You may interested in the question: what pronounce exercises are the most efficient and useful for a person who wants to improve his/her pronunciation skills? Here are some tips, which can help you to solve your pronounce problems and obtain accurate pronunciation:

1.Learn pronounce rules

2.Consult pronounce dictionary

3.Pay attention to word stress

4.Listen to songs and film dialogues to improve your intonation skills

5.Record your speech and compare it with the original

6.Master your pronounce skills uttering tongue twisters

7.Use computer programs to make language learning easier

8.Listen to texts in background mode

9.Read aloud to polish the pronounce of difficult sounds

Today among numerous language teaching aids, it is learn to read programs and pronunciation software. Which are of vital importance for those who want to communicate easily with native speakers.

Speaking Notepad is the very pronounce teaching program. Which will give you an invaluable opportunity to listen to pronunciation of words as many times as you need it. You can choose by yourself the themes of the texts and their complexity. With Speaking Notepad attaining powerful pronounce and improving reading skills turns into a pleasant pastime.

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