How to Make K2 Spice Paper Sheets

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K2 Spice Paper Sheets is an eco-friendly hobby that transforms the piled up junk such as mailers, clothes, and newspaper & magazines in your house, into arty handmade paper sheets. You can use these handmade papers to create personalized cards, frames, gift wrappers, and much more. The article guides you on how to make handmade paper.

Required Raw Material for Handmade Paper Sheets.
1. A wooden deckle and mould set with a sponge
2. Muslin or disposable dish cloths pieces
3. Sink or laundry tub
4. A thick large towel
5. Food processor

Required Raw Material for Pulp of Handmade Paper.
1. Junk Mails
2. Old magazines
3. Tissue paper
4. Egg cartons
5. Cotton fabrics
6. Tree-free fibers such as cotton, abaca, or hemp
7. Add-ons such as thread, flower petals, tin foil, potpourri oils, seeds(Optional)

The good thing about making handmade papers is that in case any numbers of sheets go kaput, they can always be put back into the pulp container. The art of making handmade paper is all about being attentive, imaginative, and creative.

Making Handmade Paper. There are the following three steps for making handmade paper:-
1. Making the pulp
2. Pulling and couching
3. Drying

o Step 1 – Making the Pulp.
– The choice of raw materials used in the pulp determines the texture, color, and the quality of the handmade paper sheet.
– Cut the raw materials into 1″ square pieces and soak it overnight in a bucket of warm water.
– Blend the cut ingredients in a food processor to a smooth and even consistency.
– Remove this pulp into a tub, broad enough to place the mould comfortably.
– You can now mix the add-ons to the pulp to give it a unique touch.

o Step 2 – Pulling and Couching.
– Place the mould at the base of the tub and slowly lift the mould ensuring an even layer of pulp (free from any hole or lump) is formed over the screen.
– Hold the mould slightly above the tub to let the excess water drain out.
– Next, place the deckle over the mould.
– Rest the mould over a thick towel to absorb the excess water.
– Now, carefully remove the wet sheet from the mould by placing it over a muslin cloth, laid out on a flat surface.
– Place another muslin cloth or disposable dishcloth over the wet sheet and make a stack of interleaved handmade paper sheets.
– Press a rolling pin over the stack to remove excess water, and make the handmade paper sheets even & smooth.

o Step 3 – Drying
– Let the handmade paper sheets dry in sunlight for at least 24 hrs.
– Slip out the muslin cloth used to hold the sheets, once the handmade paper is dry.

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