Liberty League Scam – Going Deeper Into The Rabbit Hole


Be informed and no one can make a fool out of you”. You may have heard this statement before many times in your life. Here it is, the cold hard fact of my research on the liberty league scam and it’s infamous deeds. You will also get an interesting true story of a liberty league Report Scam and get your money back illustrated with pure sincerity. Nothing is perfect in this world especially when you know the liberty league scam still persists. At the end of this report, give yourself some time to reflect a little in the closing statement after going through all this.

A Little Bit Of IntroductionFirstly, please refrain from judging the liberty league scam as a valid one. There are a lot of grey areas being told out on the Internet and you should keep an open mind. I’m neither on the left side or the right side of the liberty league opportunity. You ultimately decide on how bad is the liberty league scam. This keeps it real between you and what you are reading here.Second, liberty league actually has a 2-up compensation plan on the sale of a retail program.

Your initial sign up fee is price at $50. It is also good to know that no product purchase is require of you in order to earn profits. Before we go in deeper into the liberty league scam, please realize that you only get pay when you successfully make a product sale to your end customer. Into The Rabbit HoleYou take the red pill and swirl down a slippery path of the liberty league Report Scam and get your money back. Here, your story will be tell from a guy (some parts are fictional for illustration purposes) who buy into the liberty league opportunity.

This story is true but in order to protect the privacy of such people, I did it intentionally. You pay up the initial $2000 on Saturday night after watching an episode of Simpsons on TV. Pay up for the website dues, phone systems and start making calls right away. “It ain’t that bad, the total cost of around $2500 to get start would be just sacrificing my vacation money”, you thought. You work hard and use the many liberty league methods. Then, as it turned out you were tell by your up line that it was essential. That you attend a meeting which costs $200 (excluding airfare and hotel fees).

Instead of hearing anyone mention about the liberty league scam. You hear people who talked about how much money they made. “This sure pumps me up, I think the liberty league scam is a myth!”, as you exclaimed in your mind. Let’s see what else they got. You find out that this conference was a pre-sell to 2 major conferences starting at $6000 and $12,000 each. There were several ‘side expenses’ too. Such as more ‘mini’ conferences and airfare plus hotel bills. “So, it takes averagely $28,800 annually for attending the conferences”. 

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