Marrakech To Merzouga Tour – Top Interesting Places to Discover


Marrakech To Merzouga Tour is an independent nation in northwestern Africa. Geographically known as al-Maghrib al -Aqsa, the far west of Islam bounded on the west by Atlantic Ocean, on the northeast by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east and south by Algeria, and on the southwest by Western Sahara. The Capital and the residence on the king and government is Rabat. But Casablanca is the largest city and the commercial center. Fez (Fes), Meknes, and Marrakech are former capitals. Morocco Guided Tour has the highest and most rugged mountains in North Africa. The Rif Mountains extends along the Mediterranean coast. Why not have a Moroccan vacation and have some time to visit the places that are interesting in Morocco.

One of the first places that you have to visit is the city of Marrakech which is located at the Atlas Mountains at its foot. It is a fascinating place for its culture center and history. You will have a lot of fun sensing the reference of peace and tranquility of the place such as the Majorelle gardens also known to be the garden that surrounds the Saadian Tombs. If you really are interested to tour around the place then have a tour guide with you. Spending more time in Marrakech you can see other beautiful spots that you can explore. Treat yourself at Riad if you feel like so busy in the entire day then have a cup of tea in an amazing quiet courtyard that you can feel the relaxing moment of your time.

Continuing your Moroccan vacation it is nice to stopover in Essaouira for it is a vast area to get away from the bustle and heat of the cities that are big. In the 1960’s Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix enjoyed the scene of the beaches. The people also loved to stroll over the wonderful narrow streets with blue and red painted houses. Traditional music of the Gnawas that you can listen, the beach and the ramparts are the highlight of the place.

Chefchaouen is a small town built in a big landscape is locate in the Rif Mountains and is famous for independent travelers. The best part of the place includes swimming in streams, on the main square you can have a drink. Hiking and witness the houses that are paint white with their doors that are brightly paint. Another place that must seen with your Moroccan vacation is the present capital of the Rabat. It is consider the town of colorful flowers and waving trees and many gateways. That monumental which include the Oudaias Kasbah Gate and the Gate of the Ambassadors. You can choice the best cafes and hotels for you to stay in. During summer the beaches and Mamora forest are visitor’s popular attraction.

These are just few of the places that you need to explore as you have your Moroccan vacation. Do not miss to explore these places for you will really enjoy and have fun with the fabulous places in Morocco. It will be the one of your unforgettable experience that you will not forget as time flies by. Smile and be Happy as you go along with your travel.

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