Promoting Your Book Online With Goodreads a course in miracles

Books is one of the premiere social networking sites for book lovers. At this site you can make friends, share a course in miracles recommendations, create virtual bookshelves to show off what you’re currently reading, the books you’ve read in the past, and titles you intend to read in the future. The article below details a few functions of the site as well as several ways that I have successfully promoted and marketed my own book.

If your new book has an ISBN number or is posted for sale on then it’s more than likely that your title will be searchable in the site’s database. Once you have signed up for a Goodreads account and located your book, you will be able to click a magic button to tell the site that you are the writer of the book and will be led through the process on how to set up an author page.

Bio You’ll be able to create an author biography for yourself that will list the books you have written, a link to your website, your genre, your favorite writers, as well a picture. Make sure everything is professional looking and sounding so you immediately have credibility as an author. This is likely the first information your potential readers are going to see or read about you. Make a great first impression!

Blog Goodreads has its own blog service which will display any posts you make to your profile. But hopefully you’re one step ahead of the game. And already have a blog (and a professional looking) website of your own. In the blog settings you can insert the web address of your blog’s feed. And anytime you update your regular blog. It will automatically cross-post to Goodreads where friends and potential fans will see it. It will put the first few paragraphs on the site and then link externally to your regular blog. And once those readers are on your real website, hopefully you have enough material to keep them there. Ultimately leading them to that fateful link where they can purchase your title!

Events If you have any big events coming up, whether it’s the actual release date of your book. A blog tour, or a course in miracles signing, list it here! You can then promote the event to your friends and they can decide whether or not they will attend. If nothing else, it shows potential readers (and publishers). That you’re a hard worker and willing to do your own promotion.

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