Réparation FRM3 – Car Body Repair the Smart Way

Personal Skill Development

Réparation FRM3: My first experience with the smart bumper repair system occurred in 2009. I had taken my friend’s new car for a driving test. Everything was going smoothly until I had to swerve to avoid a collision with a bike. The car skid on the road and went and hit the pavement. When I got out for the purpose of observing the damages, I noticed that the bumper had been severely damaged, since my speed was quite high and the collision was a high impact one. Too scared to tell my friend about it, I decided to try and get it repaired as soon as possible. When I took it to the repair center, the technician told me that it would cost approximately four hundred pounds to purchase a new bumper. However, it would cost less than two hundred pounds to have it repaired using smart techniques. A few hours late, I returned an almost good as new looking car to my friend, who couldn’t even tell the difference.

The use of SMART repair techniques are definitely on the rise. In the past few years, as the number of accidents on the roads have been increasing (due to bad roads and more cars on the streets), smart car repair is a boon for those car owners who find it too expensive to get a new part for the car.

Smart technicians are now very easy to find. They can repair virtually any car part for less than half the amount it would take you to buy the part on your own. Using specialized techniques that are taught in training centers these days, the technicians are very skilled and can make almost any damage almost disappear in a lasting and permanent way. This is done by filling any cracks with hard and fast acting resins that cover the cracks entirely. After the sanding and priming is done, all that remains is to have the car part painted and then apply two coats of lacquer to it. This proves to be no problem at all as most technicians can paint the car to look the way it was before the repair work is done.

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