The main question to be asked about philosophy is (What Is Philosophy?)


About philosophy which you we want to know is that What Is Philosophy? People who have knowledge of life and all solutions of problems are philosophers.

So it is very important to get knowledge of all things which are related to our life. We all have problems in our life and we don’t have solutions to all these problems. Philosophers read books and have experience of life. They interact with people and get more information about their life. We have number of solutions to our problems but we have to know which solution is best for our problem. Philosopher provides help to people who are suffering from life issues. It is very helpful for people who have their own issues which they can`t handle their own. So they can take help from the philosophers. You can read philosophy related your problems which you can use as their solution.

Experience of life:

Philosophers visit many places where they learn new things and new solutions to problems. People also listen to the advice of philosophers which helps them to get solution to their problems. We have many philosophers who are providing different philosophies according to their knowledge and experience. You have to understand which one is best for you so you can use it to solve your problems. We have different problems so we know which opinion is best for us to follow. People who have any type of problem with their life and want to solve it they need professionals. Philosophers who have experience of life and they can help others with their advice. We tell others to get advice and help from professionals. We know which type of helps is needed by people. You have to get proper solutions to the problems you are getting.

What is philosophy?

What is Philosophy?” is an easy question to ask but philosophy is not something that is very easy to define. Literally it means “the love of knowledge” but this fails to capture much of the sense of the word. In many ways philosophy is about questioning and understanding the world but also it is about how we view the world. As field philosophy is unique. Rather than building on its self like most realms of study, history of philosophy and philosophy itself are one. Philosopher’s works very rarely usurped by more modern text instead modern seek to understand and interpret works of past philosophers. If refinements are present they are found more commonly as alternatives rather than replacements. These men and women have contributed and advanced many thoughts and ideas to variety of fields of philosophy. To this day much of their work is study and analyzed by modern philosophers.

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