The Mystery is unlocked – what happens when a person dies


Most of us who are reasonably savvy with the Book of Revelation know for sure that the Daniel Elijah Joseph Babylonian Mystery Religion is a direct reference to The Roman Cult – The Mother of Whores and that The Vatican City State in Rome is modern day Babylon both literally and spiritually. This includes all its Simony, magic and sorcery, its shell game pagan deity known as The Trinity and its Transubstantiation demonic heinous blasphemies, so what I hear you say, where is the mystery in all that? It’s all out in the open for all to see, is it not, and that’s without even mentioning the common worldwide knowledge of their endemic paedophilia, pederasty and sodomy? So if it is all out in the open, there is no longer a mystery, is there???

Yet The Holy Scriptures clearly state that there is a MYSTERY, so where do we find and reveal that mystery? Look folks, The Lord is not a trickster or a deceiver and if He says there is a mystery involved here then we know for sure that there is a mystery. So how do we unravel it? Easy, just study the word involved i.e. ‘mystery’ for, as is usually the case, these things will be hidden in plain sight. Moreover, would a better spelling of the word be helpful? Therefore could mistery from whence we get the word ‘mister’ be that better spelling? We shall see.

Now I am no fan of etymology and yet in some instances we cannot pooh pooh its validity in assisting us with the origins of certain words and the word ‘mystery’ is just such a word. From the web page “Language Hat” we get much useful information regarding the word ‘mystery’. (Please note, I have no connections with that web page.) The important evidence is that it has Latin origins with the word ‘mysterium’ (well bowl me over with a feather, now who would have guessed that????? LOL)

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