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Best Paraphrasing Tool Online essentially means to write someone else’s ideas in your own words. You paraphrase because you do not want to just use quotes and directly copy text. Paraphrasing, among others, tells about the writers’ prowess about the language. What’s more, with the help of paraphrasing, you can articulately write the article or text and take greater control of the writing.

Summarizing too is summarizing someone else texts in your own words. How it differs from paraphrasing is that while summarizing a text, you shorten it and tend to focus on the main points. During summarizing, you are given a text, and you have to rewrite the main concept and idea of the text in a shorter form, tending to focus on the main points.

Writing the perfect essay and article

Both paraphrasing and summarizing form essential parts of writing that you need to thoroughly know about. However, what you need to remember is that using these two forms solely in your writing will not make your writing good. You need to imbibe your own ideas and thoughts into the essays and articles as well to make them effective. When summarizing and paraphrasing, you will need to make sure that you give credit to the original author and the original essay.

While paraphrasing remember that:

– You need to give a proper reference.

– You should write the text in your own words and not copy words or substitute words. The expression should be in a total unique way.

– Focus on the idea and concept you want to write about, which is written by the author already.

– Translation of the language in your own words is essential and you need to capture the original idea. You just cannot make or modify the idea while giving credit to the original author. That is absolutely unacceptable.

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