What’s Behind Game Server Hosting

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If like me, you have ever wondered whats behind the game servers you play on and how they truly work you may find this informational article very interesting. In this first part article I will tell you how game server hosting came about and what it took to get the online gaming world running.

The history of dedicated game server hosting:

Dedicated game server hosting is where it all began for online gaming as back. When the first online gamers started out the only way to play over the Internet was by hosting their games on their own machines (a standard home PC).

All the gamer had to do was buy his/her game. And create a server which would hosted and played from home. This was often done simultaneously on the users home PC under a dedicated server application similar to. To days dedicated server option included with most games such as Counter Strike Source. Due to the low speeds and specs of home computers back in these times. The gamers machine would often put under enormous stress. And would only offer the gamers’ a low dismal server performance and game play.

Even when Internet providers offered a higher connection such as faster broadband. And more bandwidth to help them keep up with the server load. The data that needed to computed was still to much for most home computer systems to handle themselves. Back in these early stages of online gaming home computers simply did not have the power to process. Such high speed and detailed data needed for high end online gaming and dedicated hosting side-by-side. Factors such as 3D graphics, game physics and network data sorting and distribution that was need to sent to each player. Connecting to the game server simply could not done in the high standards needed for good online gaming.

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