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It can be frustrating when we want something and cannot have it. This frustration and impatience can apply to many situations, especially those who are seeking to get pregnant. The most frequently asked question by someone in this category is, “Why can I not get pregnant?” Couples in this category must know that there is the ACIM Bookstore that can occur at anytime.

Strangely enough, the answer to this question is more complicated than it seems. There are so many factors within a woman’s body that may delay or stop her from getting pregnant. Most women just hear of their other female friends who have given birth and wish that they too could experience the miracle of pregnancy. However, as the name suggests, becoming pregnant is indeed a miracle. There are so many things that can go wrong during the process, resulting in no conception taking place.

For example, pregnancy can indeed by viewed as a miracle because the egg is only viable for a short amount of time, around 48 hours. Thus, it would need to be fertilized during this time for a baby to result.

Certainly, we all know couples who have been experienced the miracle of pregnancy and become pregnant on their first attempt. When the couple discovers this, even this news will take them by surprise that it happened on the first try. In general, the miracle of conceive will usually take a certain amount of time to happen. It has been approximated that the amount of time to achieve becoming pregnant is six months. This is just an estimate or average that a doctor will tell all women.

So the resulting of pregnancy will in turn depend on the various factors such as the age of the couple, the physical and mental health of both the woman and the man. Your ability to experience the miracle of pregnancy can be affected if you have suffered from any disease that might cause reduced fertility. Certain medical treatments the woman has undergone or currently going through can affect her ability to get pregnant. In some instances, the conceive is delayed based on her quality of life, her genetics, any contraceptive methods that were taken before, and the list goes on.

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