Infertility and A Course In Miracles Book


A Course In Miracles: Nothing is as frustrating as when a woman finds out that she is not able to get pregnant. Especially after she struggles continuously to test herself, month after month, with pricey visits to doctors and expensive fertility treatments. It will be even emotionally devastating if she finds out that the treatments do not work and she is back where she started.

If you are in this condition and you are beginning to give up hope, it would be better for you to continue reading because there is a way to get pregnant, with the A Course In Miracles Book. This book uses ancient Chinese and holistic medicine as a foundation to safely revert infertility without using drugs that always come with serious side effects. Best of all, it will definitely help you get pregnant quickly.

You might be asking, what is the Pregnancy Miracle Book about? The truth is that it is an e-book written by Lisa Olson, who personally battled against infertility for more than ten years. Many people see this book as controversial, but that is often the case when holistic treatments defy western medicine, based on expensive fertility treatments and overpriced drugs.

Lisa Olson introduces a system of treatment plans based on Chinese therapies and holistic remedies that offer new hope to women needing to boost their fertility, since they are very effective methods that have been used to treat patients for centuries. Through in-depth research and lots of trial and error, the author was able to find an innovative way to help couples start a family.

The Pregnancy Miracle Book helps address infertility issues for both men and women and it helps them understand in detail what they need to know about infertility. Though it may sound really unbelievable, many people claim that the results have helped couples achieve pregnancy in as short a time as three months. If you are not satisfied with this, you can check the testimonies of countless clients and read the results reported by happy couples who, after battling with infertility for many years, now have their own children.

Like any other fertility book, the Pregnancy Miracle Book can be a bit overwhelming at first. After some time, though, it becomes very simple. It is straightforward and its contents are summarized into five steps. As a matter of fact, the aspects the book mainly focuses on are the lifestyle choices you make, like exercise, diet, stress level and sleep.

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