Advantages of Automation Testing Over Manual

Technical Education

An Overview of Automation

Web automation is done for web development, once a build is developed soon it will be given to the testing phase. Then testers would perform testing based on the test cases prepared, but once the testing is done then it would be sent it to the developers with the bug report, the bugs found in the build then the developer would fix the bug and send another release to the tester. This kind of testing is called regression testing and it would take place many times, where the manual tester needs to repeat all the actions – automation overcomes this.

How is this Achieved?


Test cases are all about checking the functionality of the website when it comes to testing the website there comes something called test case. A test case will be focusing the application flow based on the web elements that is accomplished right from the beginning of the application. All these actions can be performed by locating and interacting with these elements, alright how can these elements be located? To locate a web element an automation tester needs to inspect the element and select the tag that needs to be used, inside the tag the automation tester needs to select an attribute to be used to locate the element, undergo Selenium training in Chennai to master automation testing.

Selenium web driver is used to interact with browsers and to automate test cases for testing purposes, without going haywire let’s just get to the point that automating Selenium test cases are all about locating a web element and interacting with them based on the requirement. Selenium has got an upper hand over manual testing due to its features that would be much useful for test automation. Automation testing is considered time-saving in contrast to manual test, which would take a lot of time.


Modern Ways to Locate an Element


Right-clicking on an element and clicking on inspecting option and selecting an attribute to locate the element, once the tag is located then comes the attribute. That is locating an attribute by traversing through the tag, but this seems to be a pretty long way. When there is no unique attribute is found then automation testers would go for XPath. Well, all these things seem to be time-consuming, there are some other ways that this task can be achieved. XPath finder and Selenium locator finders are available in Chrome store and Ruto is one such application that helps to find unique locators. Undergo RPA Training in Chennai to get a stronghold of the automation.RPA which is Robotic Process Automation has a very promising future. RPA has been existing in the market for quite some time but with the discovery of Artificial Intelligence – RPA has shown a steady growth.


Data Science Training


Information Science, this activity assignment is considered the most worthwhile in the IT field among architect. Information Science is tied in with finding out about a specific field and anticipating the results, in light of the results the association will chip away at making incomes. A Data Science designer will deal with calculation , arithmetic, and insights to achieve the above-clarified result. Experience Data Science Training in Chennai to go into the most rewarding activity in the present IT showcase.



Though it is essential to learn to locate a web element and also to write unique and strong XPaths, in a workspace scenario most of the automation testers will be using XPath finders. These apps will help to execute the test cases by providing an entire code statement too, within no time and saves a lot of time in the real-time scenario.

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