Alien Labs Carts – Outdoor Cigarette Receptacles

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They say “Alien Labs Carts” This is very true especially when it comes to smokers and how they dispose of their cigarette butts. Wise people use outdoor cigarette receptacles to discard their lit and unlit cigarettes. By doing so, they are at least protecting the environment in some small way. By putting their cigarette butts into a designated smokers receptacle, they aren’t littering up the surrounding area with butts that contain toxic materials.

One great way to dispose of cigarette butts is to put them into an outdoor ashtray. One of the best models around is one that has a “cigarette post” design. It is generally made of a durable plastic or polyurethane material and has a long, slim neck with a larger, rounded base. Smokers simply put their cigarette into the hole at the top of the post and it is extinguished seconds later as it falls down into the base. All discarded butts are kept in the base until it is emptied appropriately. Its stylish design “invites” smokers to use it for their cigarettes. This type of cigarette receptacle requires no sand or water to keep it securely in place. Smokers posts come in many different styles and some even look like palm trees and golf tees! Making them fun to use makes it more likely that they actually will be used.

Another type of cigarette receptacle is called a smokers urn. It is generally made out of durable steel and is built to withstand the elements. Smokers urns can be either free standing or wall-mounted. Urns come in a variety of colors and styles including push-button urns, ash urns, sand urns and trash urns.

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