Signs of Spiritual Awakening Movies

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In another article I put together a list of nine signs and symptoms of Spiritual Awakening Movies that I found essential to the awakening process. In this article, I discuss in detail one of the signs of awakening that could be called “repeating incidents.” This is when you have the same thing (particularly something out-of-the-ordinary) happen to you two or three (or more) times in a relatively short span of time, like, say, 24 hours. The repetition assures that you notice what your higher self wants you to notice. (Because noticing it helps point you in the right direction in your awakening process.)

The following is a wonderful example of this sign of awakening that I came across when I listened to an online interview of Dr. Eric Pearl. Dr. Eric Pearl is a well-known chiropractor and healer and the author of the book The Reconnection who developed a new method of healing after he experienced the sign of spiritual awakening discussed here.

His story goes like this: Years ago he awakened in the middle of one night to find the light in his bedroom on, with the feeling that there were people in his house (he lived alone). He got up to look around the house, noticed some strange things such as a door that was ajar (he was obsessive about having things exactly in place), but found no one.

The next day at his chiropractic office, seven of his patients reported that they felt there were other people in the treatment room and that they could feel Eric’s hands on their bodies before he actually touched them during an adjustment.

Having seven of his patients tell him the same thing (plus the fact that it was a bit strange) immediately got his attention, and it was not long afterward that a significant portion of his patients began to report instant healings of a variety of physical conditions. Later he developed a new method of healing called Reconnective Healing, which he now teaches to others.

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