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I believe Living Church Youtube Channel are their own enemy, because of the division that exists among us. God has given us our freedom to choose either to fulfill the desires of the body that affects others or to walk in his Word, and while some Christians have chosen to fulfill the desires of the body (Galatians:19-21), some have realized that the desires of the body are temptation, and has managed to resist it. Presently, this is the division that exists among Christians. Members of the church that fulfill desires such as hatred, envy, heresies have forced some members of the church to separate from it. I believe that such a problem exists in every church today. The house of prayer that Jesus Christ, builds, is made of faithful members, and that is the community that I have embraced. They are few, and whether or not we attend church, having faith is most important to abide in Jesus Christ.

The body of Jesus Christ expresses love first to God, and second to our neighbour. If this is not the case with the members in the church community then we are experiencing friendly fire, which may kill any relationship we have with the church. However, my relationship is with Jesus Christ, and I am taught to love each other whereby I may strengthen my relationship with the Son of God. If we love each other, then is this not the relationship that makes up the church? Yet hatred, persecution, envy is found in unfaithful Christians.

All Christians are known by the works we do by our Lord and saviour; teaching the Word of God is one work that I am called to do, and though unfaithful Christian’s has attempted several times to suppress my work, I have not allowed such ignorance to take away my feeling of compassion. I have continued to defy friendly fire in Christian living, and I pray that all my neighbours do the same, but to the approval of our Heavenly Father (2Timothy 2:15).

The world we live in is deceptive; we will avoid deception only if we know, and accept the truth. The Word of God is truth, but in it are mystery that is revealed to the saints of Jesus Christ. Unfaithful members of the church usually reject the saints of God, but use their words as their own. I pray for all who have broken their link with the church, because of unfaithful Christians that you do not turn away from God. The fact that we worship God in spirit, and truth should be the reason for breaking your relationship with the church. Forgive the members that have sinned against you, and pray to overcome temptation, because we all have our hour of temptation.

An example of Christian living was the life Jesus Christ lived on earth. The life he lived is not a life we inherit, it is a life we may choose to live. Only Jesus Christ may approve us worthy of such a life, therefore, we are all equal in Christian living; slaughtering each other is ignorance. There is one shepherd, Jesus Christ, he owns the church. The head of each church is found in the church, and they are pastors, nuns, apostles etc. Jesus Christ has the power to build the church or take the church away, to raise up prophets, pastors, priests, apostles, disciples, etc., but however great they are, they are still his sheep. His voice is the New Testament, and if we do not understand it then search for the truth. Our shepherd, Jesus Christ will lead us to green pastures. Do not trust in the heads of the churches, because friendly fires are sometimes premeditated.

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